8 Simple Weight Loss Tips

Weight Loss

Whats the best way to lose weight? Cut calories and exercise. Whats the easiest way to lose weight? Give these 8 weight loss tips a try.

1) Change out your home dishes

Swapping out the dishes you have at home with smaller plates and bowls will force you to take smaller portions. Research also suggests that people that eat off of certain colored plates might eat less than others. One study found that people who were given a white plate at a buffet ate less food than when given a black or red plate the same size.

2) Put a mirror across from your table

Nobody wants to watch themselves over eat. One study in the Journal of the Association for Consumer Research
found that eating in front of mirrors reduced the amount people ate by about 30%. Its easier to stop yourself from over eating when you are sitting across from a reminder of why you set your weight loss goals.

3) Drink thicker smoothies

Smoothies are an excellent way to pack the fruits and veggies that you wouldn’t otherwise eat into a replacement meal. Research in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that making your smoothie thicker will cause you to feel fuller, even if it doesn’t have more calories. This is a very easy way to not feel like you need to eat again a couple hours later, simply add less liquid to your smoothie.

4) Dark chocolate

Eating just a small piece of dark chocolate 10-20 minutes before you eat can cause you to feel full quicker than you would otherwise. Insulin, ghrelin and leptin are three hormones that control appetite. Dark chocolate effects each of these hormones in a way that helps curb cravings and leads to you eating less. One study points to an antioxidant in cocoa that was shown to lower blood sugar levels and prevent weight gain in mice.

5) Eat soup before dinner

As with the smoothie, thicker soup will make you feel more full. Research found that people who had a low-calorie, thick soup before lunch ate 20 percent less food during the meal compared to people who ate no soup at all. Those
who ate soup also didn’t feel as hungry at the end of the meal as those that didn’t.

6) Sleep in darkness

Getting sufficient sleep is a great way to control your appetite. Research has also found that people that sleep in total darkness eat fewer calories during the day than those that sleep with light or dim illumination in the room. A study done on mice that slept in a dimly lit room also found that they at odd times throughout the day.

7) Add a little spice

Adding a bit of spice to your food might be enough to spot you from eating earlier than you would otherwise. A study in which researchers added a small amount of cayenne pepper to the subjects food caused them to eat 60 calories less than those that did not have cayenne added.

8) Drink wine (its for weight loss)

No need to go on a 3 day bender, we’re talking about a glass or two. A study done on more than 19,000 women for an average of 13 years found that those who had a couple of alcoholic drinks daily put on less weight than nondrinkers and heavy drinkers. Weight gain was lowest in wine drinkers compared to other alcoholic beverages.

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